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Let's fantasize about what could change in the world if you destroy all the books. At the mere thought of the horror covers. After all, the book is not just a set of pages with text. These are stories of entire eras printed on paper. When entering the library, you if you find yourself in a magical Kingdom, where there is silence and knowledge. The book is a real treasure of information collected over the centuries. In Ancient Greece the first libraries books were chained to shelves below visitors are unable to take them home. The weight of ancient books reached several tens of kilograms. A couple of centuries ago, the book was considered the most precious and valuable gifts and were available only to the elite. The ability to read then comparable with the knowledge of ten foreign languages today. We live in a wonderful time when we have access to any book. Rare editions can be found in libraries. Common literature available on the Internet. So what prevents you to read modern man? The lack of time, motivation, or just laziness. Whatever it is, it is necessary to fight and to take up books. Because reading people is a thinking man. Is a person with their point of view and your view of the world.

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